Four Seasons’ Furniture Sale    

Sale by appointment: please call 762 0000 to arrange time. 




NOTE:  Bounced or returned check will carry a penalty of EC$100 in addition to the bank’s fees. Settlement for the full amount of the returned check, bank fee and fine will have to then be made in cash.


  • Items sold, as is.
  • Prices are fixed.
  • No returns / buyers’ remorse returns accepted. (Please measure carefully first to ensure goods will fit in the intended space). 
  • Goods subject to availability.
  • The sale operates on a “Cash and Carry” basis. You must ensure that you have  transportation ready to truck / drive away your items once purchased. They cannot be held for you at Island Storage.  
  • You will be asked if you have transportation available before making payment. 
  • We have staff to help you load your goods into your vehicle / truck.
  • You are responsible for packing and tying your goods securely for transportation. You must bring any necessary padding and packing materials that you may need with you to protect your purchases. This includes tarpaulins to protect from the rain. 
  • Actual items being sold might differ slightly from the photos. The website and photos are a sales aid only.   


In order to safeguard the safety, comfort and well-being of all concerned, access to Island Storage will be limited.

Please respect all the staff at Island Storage and follow their requests.

The staff member(s) at the gate will determine the suitable number of people who can enter Island Storage (as pedestrians) at any given point.

Vehicular access to trucks and cars will only be granted once a paid receipt from Island Storage has been presented at the gate.